April 19th, 2003, will be the seventh anniversary of Eubie (dd) being diagnosed as a possible diabetic.  This was the day after our other dog died unexpectedly of undetected cancer.  Possibly stress induced diabetes? 

Anyway I use the term as possible diabetic since Eubie's sugar would be  slightly elevated one day, then fine for a week and back and forth for about a month until vet put him on insulin.  It has been an amazing seven  years - with the best part meeting all of you- our new friends.  As the long timer members know, back in February, 1999, Eubie survived an insulin overdose administered by our pet sitter.  He also had successful cataract surgery & lens implants in 1998. 

Welcome to all new Muffinites and good wishes to all the old timers (like us) who encourage, support and comfort. We feel truly blessed to be part of the Muffin Group. 

Dianne (& Eubie)

Its well known on Muffin what a character Eubie is!  Dianne writes:

In 1997 Eubie tore a ligament in his left rear leg and had surgery.  White still bandaged he learned to lie down and show everyone his bad leg.  The more sympathy, the quicker he would lie down and lift up the bag leg for everyone to see.  Well two weeks after surgery the bandage came off and life was back to normal.  Except for the "bad leg" you see.  Anytime we would meet someone and they would say hi to Eubie, he would roll over and show them his no-longer bad leg. Several months later on a routine visit to the vet, he asked about Eubie's leg.  I said his leg was doing fine as long as you don't ask him about it.  After the exam, the vet said, "How's your leg 

Eubie?"  Eubie rolled over on his side and lifted his bad leg.  Vet pretended to check it out, Eubie stood up and started limping as he walked out of the vet's office.   He could have won an Oscar for that performance. 

Moral of the story is:  Don't fuss over an already too spoiled dog !!!!!!!!!!!!

You will not be a Muffin member long before becoming acquainted with Eubie and his Prayer Wheel.

Whenever there's an emergency and prayers are needed, Eubie,  a Tibetan Spaniel, spins his Prayer Wheel with all his might!  More often than not, those prayers have been answered!

 Tibbie Hugs, 
 Dianne & Eubie 

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