PDlogo Annie Sadly we report that Annie went to Railbow Bridge on Thu, 12 May 2005, from complications of an inoperable liver tumor.



Annie is 5 years old and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her 2 human companions who are both disabled seniors on a fixed income.

Annie's Story:

Annie came to Grace's doorstep as a scroungy, young puppy (possibly no more than 8 or 9 weeks old).  She had no tags or identifying marks/tags.  All she craved for was something to eat and something to drink.  Grace accommodated.  And Annie has been with us now for the past 5 years.  So she is almost that old now.

I met Annie three and a half years ago for the first time, when I first met my wife (Grace).  After a happy marriage shortly thereafter, Annie has remained with us and bonded very well with me.

She is a loving and caring companion for both of us.  And, as our baby, she finds it difficult to leave our presence.  She has a very special place on our bed and knows that she is always welcome to climb aboard any time.

Annie has always been a jolly, playful pet who wishes nothing more than to please her owners.  Her love extends to our two cats (Trixie -- who has since passed away) and Tiny Baby.  She actually helped mothered Tiny Baby from the first day we took her home (Tiny Baby was no more than 6 weeks old at the time.

One of the interesting things about Annie is that she stays very close to Grace when I have to leave the house to do errands.

She is a very quite dog, never a whimper.  Barking was not part of her nature, except when she feels someone present outside the house.  Even then, she doesn't bark, so much as make her own, unique noise to alert us.

We are so fortunate to have her.  And so very thankful that she overcame her recent illness (diabetes).  Her Vet is very pleased that her glucose count is exactly where it needs to be.  Old people tend to forget things.  So, when it comes to Annie's meals and shots, we've learned to set the alarm clock to keep us reminded that it's time to care for her.

Our biggest regret is that (because of the diabetes), she has lost much of her eye sight (at such a young age!).  Although she is still somewhat active (not as active as before), she still exudes that love that only Annie can give us all.

I wish there was some way to bring her eye sight back.  Because of our love for her, I even told Grace that I'd be willing to give one of my eyes for her (and truthfully, I would if it would bring her back to the normalcy she once enjoyed!)

She is now on a special diet (W/D) and we are administering 13 units of Humulin twice a day.  Her appetite is back and she has gain a couple of pounds in the interim.

Our biggest heartache right now is seeing her somewhat stumble around (even in the house) because of cataract brought on by the diabetes.  Although her spirit is up again, we are feeling sad that she is not up to par. 

She and Tiny Baby (our 3-year cat) has finally met again.  They are buddies and like to romp and play around with each other quite a bit.  But right now, Annie is still somewhat subdued;  I think because of her lost of sight.

She is also buddies with Boomer (our pet cocktatiel).  He also is good buddies with Annie and use to ride on her back in playful gesture; and Annie loved that.  I don't know if that will take place again.

I had Annie's prescriptions filled the day she got home and it totalled about $65.  This is a box of syringes (100 count) and the Humulin insulin (supposedly would last one month).  The Insulin is 100 units; but we are instructed to give Annie 13 units, twice a day.  So I don't think the insulin will last 30 days. 

Thomas, May, 2004



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