Companion animals should not have to suffer or die because their caregivers are having financial difficulties.

All of the pets on these pages are in desperate need of sponsors as their caregivers are having difficulties meeting their monthly diabetes costs. A monthly sponsorship helps provide the funds needed for diabetic care and supplies. Some pets may need multiple sponsors because of the nature and cost of their treatment.

When you see this symbol , that means that particular pet currently has at least one sponsor.  Our sponsorship program is pretty loosely structured. We do not have a set sponsor fee but rather we let the sponsor determine how much they can afford, which could be anywhere from $1 to $5 to $50 per month or more.  It is because of this that some pets may need multiple sponsors.

The only thing we ask is that our sponsors who make a monthly commitment honour that commitment each month until they notify us they no longer wish to do so.

Muffindoes not pay out funds to our applicants.  All money is sent directly to the veterinarian or pharmacy after an invoice is received.  When you make a donation to Muffin your money is used exactly as you instruct us to use it.  You can make a one-time donation to any of our current PIN cases or our General Funds.  You may also sign up to sponsor one or more of our ongoing cases.

 please help

  • writing to the Muffin Board; OR 
  • sending your donation directly to the pet's veterinarian as listed below.


    (Multiple sponsors are urgently needed)


    Pinon HIlls, California, United States

    Angel is a 7 year old Sheltie Mix, spayed female. She and her sister,  Faith, were thrown over a side of a mountain at just five weeks of age. They survived mange, parasites, and abuse. Angel was diagnosed with diabetes in 2008.  She also suffers with pancreatitus but  has a very strong will to live. She is a real fighter and has overcome many obstacles. She is currently on Royal Canin High Fiber, canned food which costs $47.29 for a case of 24. The dry food Royal Canin, High Fiber, cost $49.99 for a 33lb bag. Her owner (being disabled with no SSI benefits as of yet) is struggling to cover the cost of Angel's food. Angel is a very shy and timid young girl who loves to run and play with her sister. She enjoys being with her caretaker, having her little tummy rubbed, and giving kisses and going for car rides too. 

    Angel is on Novalin N, 10 units twice a day and is regulated.    Her caregiver is on a fixed income and struggles to cover Angel's needs - this includes food for Angel, who is doing well on Royal Canin.  Angel's insulin costs $48 a month and syringes, $31.  Angel's syringes are the BD Ultra FineII, short needle, 3/10cc for 30 units or less, 5/16" length needle, 31 guage needle. 

    The Muffin Fund is currently donating $40 monthly toward the cost of Angel's food but we have run out of money and  a new sponsor is desperately needed!

    To sponsor Angel, please contact Muffin.

    updated March 22, 2010


    Salem,  Indiana, United States

    Buck is 8 years old  and is the youngest of Christy's 3 dogs and has been with Christy since he was a puppy.  Within 6 months of adopting Buck, Christy was diagnosed with  Multiple Sclerosis (MS). During the initial onset & in the beginning of her illness, which was extremely severe, Buck never left her side. Now Buck is ill with diabetes.  Christy's income is less than $800 a month.  She does get a very small amount in food stamps which goes primarily toward purchasing chicken breasts to feed Buck & her two other dogs. Many times, she has gone without food to buy dog food and now, Buckís diabetic supplies.  Christy's family won't help out with Buck's expenses - they told her to  euthanize him!! 

    Christy sais, " Iím glad Buck isnít their dog!! I have struggled ever since his diagnosis. I struggle every month as it is. But, really, now I can barely survive. I need help desperately & I beg anyone at all who can help in any way that they please consider Buck. I have no money & have no way to pay for his medication. Often, I get free syringes from the vet, thank goodness. And, like I said, the Vet doesnít charge me office visits. But, even the insulin is killing me financially."

    Buck's veterinarian, Benny Moore, by has advised Buck's monthly diabetic costs are approximately $305 as follows:
    6 vials of insulin a month ($30 x 6) = $180
    60 tb syringes a month ($1 x 2/day) = $60
    monitoring supplies = $65

    Dr. Moore is helping out by providing complimentary syringes and in July, 2008, donated an extra bottle of insulin to get Buck through an extra couple weeks but Buck still urgently needs your help!

    To sponsor Buck, please contact Muffin.

    The Muffin Fund attempts to donate $40 monthly toward Buck's diabetes needs but we have run out of money and  a new sponsor is desperately needed!

     Thank you for any assistance you can provide to help with Buck's  medical needs.

    updated March 23, 2010


    Big Rapids, MI, United States

    Brownie is a little 7 year old rescue who was diagnosed with diabetes in late 2008 when she was found in a coma and rushed to the vet.   (It was touch and go for Brownie for a few days but she survived.)  She was adopted by Cheryl, a single diabled mom of 2, after she had been abused by her owners because she couldn't stand the thoughts of anyone abusing a pet.  Now she is struggling to keep up with the needs of all her family, including Brownie's diabetic needs. Brownie's monthly needs are:

    Vetsulin - 
    Previcox for arthritis -  30 day supply  - $52.50
    urine strips - $10.50
    food - WD cans - $1.80 can
    syringes - $18/month 

    The Muffin Fund is unable to help Brownie on a regular basis - a new sponsor is desperately needed!

    To sponsor or help Brownie, please contact Muffin.

    updated March 23, 2010


    Ogden, Utah, United States

    Mythias is a 4 year old Rottwiler who was diagnosed in May of 2009 with diabetes.  His weight went from 140 pounds to 120 pounds in a few short weeks.  Chris, Mythias' caregiver, is disabled and unable to work due to a fall 20 years go.  His income is less than $600 a month.  Chris appealed to Muffin for help - if we could not help him, he would have to euthanize Mathias because he simply had no money to purchase the insulin needed to maintain Mathias' quality of life.

    In the beginning, Mathis' was on Vetsulin - 1 vial a week at a cost of $52 a vial due to his weight.  Difficulties in getting Mathias regulated forced the dosage up to 2 vials a week.  After discussions with a Muffin Board member, Chris is switching Mathis' to Novalin N insulin - he will still require 2 vials a weeks but the cost is now $23 a vial. 
    Mathias' ongoing costs are as follows:

    Vetsulin - 8 vials a month - $184
    syringes - 30 days x 2 - 60 syringes - $24
    total = $208 per month

    To further cut costs, Chris will be doing home blood glucose testing instead of having the veterianarian do this.  Costs of the test strips have yet to be determined.

    If a financially secure family can be found willing to provide a good loving home to Mathias, Chris has also decided, for love of Mathias, to let him be adopted.  If you know of such a family, please contact Muffin.

    To sponsor Mathias, please contact Muffin.

    Thank you for any assistance you can provide to help with Mathias'  medical needs. 

    Updated: June 11, 2009


    Havre, Montana, United States

    Tigger was  a grey tiger stiped shorthair cat diagnosed with diabetes.    Tigger was adopted about 10 years ago from an animal shelter when he was about 4 months old.  He'd been living in a wood pile on a farm.  Besides diabetes, Tigger has had many health problems, including asthma, over the years.  Sadly, Tigger went to the Bridge recently to keep a spot warm for his family.

    Rock is a Cairn Terrier mix found eating out of a dumpster on the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation, covered in mud, excrement, oil, and numerous other mystery substances.  A year ago he was diagnosed with diabetes.

     Please visit ROCK & TIGGER'S PAGE  to learn more about these two. 

    You can help by sending in a  donation of any amount to Rock's veterinarian,  Bear Paw Veterinary Service,  5051 Hwy 2 West, Havre, MT 59501, Telephone: 406-265-8901 Fax: 406-265-2309 E-Mail:

    Thank you for any assistance you can provide to help with their  medical needs.

     Rock had a sponsor until August 2008 - a new sponsor is desperately needed!

    updated March 23, 2010


    Some of the Pets Previously Assisted


    In May,2004, Poke had successful surgery to remove her right eye which was causing her severe pain due to glaucoma.  Poke returned to her old happy self until she went to the Bridge on Ju;ly 01, 2007.


    Thomas lost precious Annie to liver disease on May 12, 2005

    Hershey Porter

    Hershey battled diabetes and cushings disease for many years but, sadly, went to the Bridge on May 22, 2006.

    Shali & Britt Coykendall

    Shali & Britt were two rescues who became the best of friends.

    Butch mattsen

    Butch lived with diabetes to the ripe old age of 18 - a real success story!

    Hubbell  Lawrence

    Hubbell,  a gorgeous 9 year old Border Collie/Belgian Shepard mix, went to the Bridge on July 21, 2007 


    Although her family dreaded parting with her, they felt Dakota would be better cared for in a family that could cope with her ongoing diabetes.  We are pleased to report that Dakota's forever family found her in February 2009 and reports are that she is doing well.

    Thanks to everyone who reached out a helping hand for Dakota.


    James was a street cat adopted by Julie in 2004 - he was HIV positive and asmatic as well as diabetic.  After a valiat struggle, James went to the Bridge in 2009 to wait for Julie. 

    Thanks to all of you who helped Julie care for James in his later years.


    After being denied euthanasia, Chelsea passed away on March 24, 2010.  She was 19 1/2 years old and had been diabetic since 2007.  Free from pain at last.



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